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The son of writer/educator, Walt Novak, Flynn is the laughing, joking, happy-go-lucky, foot-loose-and-fancy-free wordsmith you want as your wingman. Whether he’s barrel riding or chatting up local talent, he represents the “In Like Flynn” spirit popularized by the legendary lothario, Errol Flynn (Side note: “Longshanks” is one of Flynn’s nicknames – as he has perhaps the longest wingspan of any professional surfer).

A ladies’ man and a guy’s guy, Flynn is a hustling waterman of boundless energy. From all-time second reef Pipe to mushy wind swell, he rides with equal skill and gusto. There’s nothing he can’t surf. When it’s flat, he’ll Scuba, snorkel, cave dive, body surf, and kayak or spear fish.

Surfing Pipe since first watching it from the channel at 14, Flynn’s main hero is Todd Chesser (R.I.P.). Now the proud owner of two covers (Surfer and Surfing Magazine), Flynn has his sights set on loftier goals. Says Flynn on being one of the world’s premiere Pipe chargers: “Being young and already high up on the ruthless pecking order gives me a sense of accomplishment and the want to maintain and keep striving for the top—in or out of the water.”