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Daniel is part of a famous North Shore lineage. The younger brother of Malia Jones and Mikala Jones, Daniel has managed to carve out an impressive track record as a traveling photo jockey and most recently qualified for the Pipeline Masters. The proud owner of two US Championships and one heat victory against Andy Irons, Daniel’s known as the quiet jokester within the Matuse Family.

Like most Matuse Family members, he is chock full of subtle contrasts. One of his lesser known nicknames is Sloth; yet, Daniel’s living quarters at Rocky Point resembles a posh photo shoot for Architectural Digest. Though Daniel is humble and mild mannered, he has an uncanny knack for pointed wisecracks that are typically accompanied by a gentle smile.

One can appreciate Daniel’s dry wit inside of 5 minutes of chatting with him. When asked about contest surfing Daniel remarked: “I love the WQS…It’s great to surf around the world with the same 200 people all year in below average waves.”

Daniel handles sarcasm and barreling surf with equal aplomb. In the water or mid-conversation, don’t sleep on these skills.