Supporters: Matuse, Reef, T&C, Vertra, Dragon, Osiris, Future-Fins

Godfather of the Matuse Family, Mikalanot only possesses exceptional talent but also a quiet and easy-going demeanor that draws people towards him. Since day one, this ambassador of Aloha has taken Matuse and its riders under his wing. Tapping family members Jamie Sterling and his brother, Daniel Jones, Mikala has brought more than simply his talents to the table. He has been instrumental in helping build Matuse.

Mikala is a quiet leader and a study of contrasts. The son of a doctor, Mikala is intelligent and sophisticated. He’s street smart and savvy but never one to front. Magnanimous, yet, Mikala is also uber-mysto about the secret spots he guards. He is a private family man with residences in Haleiwa and Bali. However, because of Mikala’s personality, professionalism and smooth hand-jiving style he’s a jet-setter who handpicks each year’s photo excursions.

Everyone knows that Mikala has the skills to pay the bills. But his greatest asset is his steel worker mentality. Surfing is his passion as well as his pension. So he hustles and grinds. Call it luck or hard work but he and has an uncanny knack for landing the air, making the tube, getting the shot and being on the cover.

A planner and a doer, Mikala Jones knows how to make good things happen. Mikala Jones is the Matuse flagship.