Supporters: Matuse, Vans, Sector 9 and Kookbox

A born and raised San Diegan and world renowned style master, Joel’s roots, skills and passions are in lockstep with Matuse’s perpetual mission towards representing the Ichiban. Not only did Joel grow up a stone’s throw from the Company’s University City Chateau but Joel and Matuse also share some common interests.

Amongst others, these shared affinities are as follows: form, function, freedom of expression, clever design, premium goods, open minds, savoir faire, Japanese sensibility, fine art, low art, honoring elders, protecting Mother Nature, new beginnings, old souls, being detached, growing together, staying young, getting better, getting waves, getting weird, boating, jetting, creating, loving, doing, world culture, world history, prose, poetry, pulp fiction, rare books, classic vinyl, Jujitsu, Judo, the Way, the Ocean, pushing, sliding, intrigue, social graces, cold beverages, clean air, deep breathing, healthy living, fresh produce, new approaches, happy-go-luckies, the NYC, the MTK, the Aloha Spirit and a greater appreciation for the finer nuances all around us.

Joel and Matuse obviously have sights set on big things. Keep your eyes open for Joel running Matuse’s Premium (the ichiban) Game in the waters near you.