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Come join Matuse and Mingei this Friday at the Surf Craft Museum soirée November 7th at 7PM. Celebrate surf culture with Mingei and Pacific Magazine. Get inspired by the exhibition Surf Craft while enjoying delicious food, drinks from Stone Brewery and Cantina Hussongs, live music by The Mattson 2 and DJ Glen “The Mack”. See live painting in action from artists Norm Daniels and Cherrie la Porte.

Tickets are available online at

People have made surfboards for centuries. Standing alone, these boards are often striking examples of functional design. Together, they tell a compelling story about the evolution of an important American art form. Traditional craft, cutting-edge engineering and minimalist art converge in the Museum’s new exhibition devoted to surfboards built from the late 1940s to the present day.

SURF CRAFT – Design and the Culture of Board Riding opens on the first day of summer, June 21, 2014. SURF CRAFT will be a unique surfboard exhibition exploring board design from a previously unexamined perspective: in the context of Soetsu Yanagi’s mingei philosophy of the importance of craft. Through this lens, the exhibition will capture the influences behind American design in board riding, from the alaia boards of ancient Hawaii, to obscure surf bathing boards of England, Japan and Africa, to post-war hydrodynamic planing hulls of Southern California. Innovative board-shapers and surfers of the past and present will be highlighted, including legendary surfer Bob Simmons, who died at Windansea in La Jolla in 1954, and renowned San Diegan Carl Ekstrom.

Guest curator and surf historian Richard Kenvin will author the 176-page hardcover book of the same title – which will be co-published by Marquand Books and MIT Press and will include 150 historic and contemporary photographs.

SURF CRAFT is part of the AMERICAN ICONS Exhibition Series. Beginning in June 2014 and throughout 2015 Mingei International Museum will mount a series of exhibitions to celebrate the imagination, inspiration and innovation of Americans who have for more than three centuries created stunning works of folk art, craft and design – our shared American Icons. AMERICAN ICONS is generously sponsored by Just Folk.


UTAH! Gimme 2 Special Offers on Some Ichiban!

Matuse is kicking-off the month of November with a one-week special offer: 25% savings on all Spring and Summer product. Long Sleeve Springs, Short Sleeve Fullsuits, Jackets and Vests. Buff-out your quiver of Ichiban.

Artemis LS Spring
Artemis LS Spring CS
BC Vest
Betz 2MM Full John
Betz 2MM Short John
Briza 2MM Vest
Chapter 1 2MM Top
Geo Shorts
Geometry Henley
Geometry La Boheme
Geo Surf Bikini
Hoplite LS Spring
Hoplite SS Full
Hoplite Spring
Philo 1MM Top
SAR Spring Suit
Siren Short
Sophia 2MM Top
The 2103 Top
Tumo SS Full

When it comes to 2mm wetsuits, our cupboard is nearly empty due to continued demand and warmer than usual waters. Accordingly, we’re keeping things moving and offering the world one final week of that special offer on all Matuse 2mm fullsuits. And since we’re getting into the holiday swing of things, we’re also including the Dojo Triathlon suit for all those open ocean swimmers in the mix. Fall 2014 … let’s do this.

Hoplite 2mm
Tumo 2mm




A little bit like butter but with the sophistication of the your finest glass of scotch. The DOJO is as fast as it is soft and we mean silky. Whether you are training for your next Ironman or going for the casual open ocean swim, The DOJO is the suit to stand the test. Big ups to Breakaway Training for their support of the Ichiban in and out of the water. The DOJO is our most amphibious suit.
PC: Joseph Buckley Campbell


Four scores and honest Abe. Abe was a dreamer, a thinker, a believer and a hustler. Big ups to Abe. Big face T’s by Gary Burbank now available online at and at The Black Spot.
PC: Pratik Suketu Shah

Additional Big Faces T-Shirts:
Mssr. Leopard