Spring / Summer Special Offer

November is here. Change is in the air as well as in the water. But if you’re longing for summer product, living in the Southern Hemisphere or just plan never get cold, take full advantage of the extended 25% savings on all Spring / Summer ichiban.

Artemis LS Spring
Artemis LS Spring CS
BC Vest
Betz 2MM Full John
Betz 2MM Short John
Briza 2MM Vest
Chapter 1 2MM Top
Geo Shorts
Geometry Henley
Geometry La Boheme
Geo Surf Bikini
Hoplite LS Spring
Hoplite SS Full
Hoplite Spring
Philo 1MM Top
SAR Spring Suit
Siren Short
Sophia 2MM Top
The 2103 Top
Tumo SS Full


For a limited time, we are providing you with a functionally perfect blue mug. It is nearly impossible to break and it does a perfect job of holding it down on the beverage front. Without question, a useful companion for the Holiday beverages that await.


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